IRIS monitors student behaviour.

Students collect IRIS rewards for making positive choices and have incidents entered for negative behaviour choices.

The principle is as simple as ABC:

 Actions Bring Consequences.



We're excited to announce the re-launch of the IRIS shop, packed full of new items for school, health & hygiene and something for the weekend.

Limited Edition Cadbury Crunchy Spider 30g. 

20 IRIS points. Click here to order

A spooky spider-shaped Cadbury milk chocolate filled with ghoulishly green crisped rice balls. Suitable for vegetarians.


Use this link to log on to see your profile and check your shop balance. You can access this at home to show parents your reward total.  On live IRIS the reward total only ever increases throughout the school year but your shop balance goes up and down depending on how many rewards you earn in school and how spend them.

We want to hear from you!

Use the suggestion box to tell us what you'd like available in the IRIS shop.