Royal Visit 2011

A Royal visitor

Weatherhead High School students had the fantastic opportunity to be part of the audience of children who welcomed the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh to Wirral on Thursday 1st December.

New Brighton’s Floral Pavilion got the royal seal of approval as Her Majesty unveiled a commemorative plaque and took a tour of the theatre. This included a special performance by the theatre’s in-house choir, ‘The Choral Pavilion’ and students from a local secondary school.

After watching the performance, the students were treated to lunch at the new cinema, The Light on the water front. The students also enjoyed being the first to watch a 3d film at the brand new cinema.

Afterwards, the students joined the huge crowd of well-wishers who waved their flags to say farewell to the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh. The students thoroughly enjoyed this unique experience which they will never forget.  They have taken some fantastic photographs of the day  and they have a great story to tell in years to come

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